Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Settling In to Our New Home (Proverbs 24:3)

'By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established...'

Proverbs 24:3 (NIV UK)
The Western Isles of Scotland
We are having a great time in our new house, a detached cottage on the Western Isles of Scotland! We have been here for a week now, and are enjoying waking up in the morning and knowing we can explore again! Yes, we (the 4 children) have been climbing the trees and crawling through the heather and scaling the fences and... well, our garden is big, and it is very fun to play in! It is a lovely garden, with a small oriental pond, large fir trees overshadowing the back of the house, and a mossy lawn. I think most children, at least at some point in their childhood, go through a phase of playing outside all the time - we certainly are! Really we play out a lot anyway, but we are just doing it a lot more than usual at the moment!
Collared Dove (courtesy of RSPB Images)
     We are in the middle of building a small den in the top corner of the garden, and
The Little Robin
Cinnamon is in charge of building the actual den, and I am taking on the job of building the screen around it. There is a little Robin that keeps coming up to the den and sitting on a branch next to it and cheeping at us - I think we must have invaded his territory! Talking of birds, it is amazing the number of Collared Doves we get here - they sit on the electricity lines, in the fir trees, on the fence posts, everywhere! (Click here to watch a video from the RSPB.) I think they are lovely birds, much smaller than Woodpigeons and Turtle Doves, with a beautiful pink eye ringlet and black collar. Well, I better go now, it's lunchtime: tuna mayo sandwiches! (Mmmm!)



P.S. I think I'll maybe think about a more fancy-looking signature, like Cinnamon's!

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