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Wisdom Seeking Scot.


21/12/14 'Meet Cinnamon' by Cinnamon

'Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.' 1 Corinthians 10:31b (NIV UK)

Hi! I am the 11-year-old sister of WisdomSeekingScot. In this blog post I will be otherwise known as Cinnamon.
     I like playing with my brother in the woods: building dens and forts, but I also like bird watching, drawing, and collecting Sylvanian Families (a type of small animal toy). Poetry is not my favourite hobby, but I still do it. My two favourite hobbies are horse riding and bushcraft. But like I said, I can still do poetry, it just isn't as fun as the things I already listed (because half of my poems are not finished as it drives me crazy just thinking of words that rhyme!).
     Anyway, we are acting out this piece I wrote this Christmas (by the way, it's a comedy. If it was realistic I wouldn't make the girl's family so mean!). Here it is:

Sister: Red ribbon, red ribbon, where you be?
           In the present wrapping, under the tree?
           Mother, Mother, dear:
           Do you know of my ribbon, is it near?
Mother: Listen, child, don't you see?
             I'm making Christmas pudding for our tea!
             Run along, your father should know,
             But please stop bothering me so!
Sister: Father, father, dear,
           Is my ribbon somewhere here?
Father: Daughter, I'm busy, with lists and accounts:
             Pounds, pennies, shillings, weights, and ounce.
             Go ask your brother, he should know.
             That boy always knowledge has shown.
Sister: Brother, oh, brother, dear,
           Can you help me wipe away this tear?
           I'm looking for my ribbon sweet,
           To put on our pudding that tonight we shall eat.
           And this is what out of the others I tried to squeeze:
           'Will you help me? Please, please, please?!'
Mother, Father & Brother: Look, we all really don't know
                                          Where this precious ribbon did go.
                                          Why, there 'tis, right on your head!
                                          Silly, it's like we always said:
                                          'We have all had enough;
                                          If you can't find it, well, then, tough!'

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope that you liked it. I hope I can write some more posts.

Cinnamon, x.

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