Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fitting In to Our New Community (Psalm 101:6)

'My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; the one whose way of life is blameless will minister to me.'' Psalm 101:6 (NIV UK)

A cute little garden plaque in our new home
Now that we've moved, we are slowly but surely getting settled in to our community. We live in a small township outside a village next to a loch, and we have neighbours on either side of our house. One family have been really friendly and kind towards us, having us in their house and giving us presents, while the other have hardly spoken to us at all. It is lovely having neighbours that are friendly, and the other family open up an opportunity for us to be friendly and kind towards them even if they aren't to us (see Matthew 7:12). We decided to make Easter cards for both sets of neighbours and we are going to deliver them this afternoon.
The first week we were here, we didn't attend a church because we had just arrived, but we soon tried an independent church about 50 mins. from our house, which we have really enjoyed and continued going to. The people there were so welcoming and kind, and the church services there are very relaxed and they have a good Sunday School.
     We also attend the local Free Church of Scotland Continuing once a fortnight. It is quite different to the independent church because of it being more traditional, but we still enjoy attending. It is very quiet at the beginning of the service when the congregation wait for the minister to arrive, so it is a challenge to remain quiet and still in the pews! It is a very good opportunity to practice self-control, though.
Local Events
Before we moved to our new area, we had found out that there was a local community hall nearby. It is very modern, and quite large for such a small community. Our new neighbours' daughter had told us about a youth club that was held in the hall, and we were quite interested because we wanted to get to know some more people in the community. We decided to go along one week and see what it was like. However, we have decided we will go to the local nature group instead.
     For example, Mum attends fitness classes there each week, and we are going to the Easter craft fair this month.
     Before I go, I'd just like to wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER! You can make Easter cards, a salt-dough tomb, or paint eggs! Just remember to celebrate the true meaning of Easter!
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